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24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Your Doctor in Rome

If you need a doctor at home in Rome and its surroundings, calling Salus Assistance you can receive home medical assistance from a private specialist, always, 24/7.

Private Medical Guard

Private Medical Guard, General Practitioners and Specialists available for H24 Private Home Assistance, both on weekdays and on holidays.

Home cardiologist

With a cardiological examination you can evaluate the presence or absence of pathologies in action and decide on instrumental exams and therapies

Home pediatrician

If your child is not well, it may not be advisable to have him or her out of the house. Solve with a specialist who comes to your home.

ENT at home

Visit Otorhinolaryngology Complete at your home, in comfort, with the guarantee of the professionalism of a specialist doctor.

Home ultrasound

Ultrasound or echotomography is a medical diagnostic investigation system that can be performed by a specialist at your home and in maximum comfort.

RX at home

the main use of radiography is that of medical diagnosis, making it at home brings significant and obvious advantages to the patient.

Orthopedic at home

For fractures and joint problems, a medical examination by a Orthopedic specialist at home without files or long waiting lists.

Neurologist at home

A home neurological examination offers the guarantee of having a specialist doctor in the tranquility of your home. Seeing is believing.

Home ECG

The Electrocardiogram, or ECG, is the graphic reproduction of the electrical activity of the heart. Schedule a home-based ECG in the most convenient times.

Salus Assistance

Doctor in Rome

Why choose us


Expert Doctors

All the doctors who collaborate with Salus Assistance have great experience in their specializations.


Friendly and professional staff

Cordiality and professionalism are fundamental requirements for the people who make up our staff.


24 hours a day, 7 days a week

We are able to answer your call even on holidays and at night.


Timeliness in interventions

As soon as your call arrives, the nearest doctor is immediately sent to minimize waiting times.


On Rome and its surroundings

We reach those who need a doctor at home throughout Rome and neighboring towns (Acilia, Ostia, etc.) ask the operator.


Paid Service

The medical services provided by Salus Assistance professionals are self-employed activities and do not replace the NHS.

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